Get ready for the solar eclipse happening Mon., April 8

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will occur in northeast Ohio. A total solar eclipse is a rare and spectacular event. Ohio’s last total solar eclipse was in 1806, and its next will be in 2099.

Eclipse timing in Stow, Ohio on Mon., April 8, 2024

Start of partial eclipse1:59:23 PM
Start of total eclipse3:14:19 PM
Maximum eclipse3:15:49 PM
End of total eclipse3:17:18 PM
End of partial eclipse4:29:12 PM
Duration of totality2 minutes, 59 seconds

It is not safe to look directly at the sun without specialized eye protection for solar viewing, except during the brief total phase of a total solar eclipse, when the moon completely blocks the sun.

You can also safely view the eclipse through a homemade pinhole projector. Click the PDF below to download instructions for building your own.

Don't miss the eclipse preparation programs being held at the library. Register today for the adult and teen program scheduled for Thurs., March 28 at 7 PM or the kids STEM program scheduled for Tues., April 2 at 4:15 PM.

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