Petition and Solicitation Policy


Date Adopted: May 20, 2024


SUBJECT: Petition and Solicitation Policy 

Resolution no. 240520-7

Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library (SMFPL) facilities are considered limited public forums under Ohio law and are therefore obligated to permit the public to exercise those rights that are consistent with the nature of a library and consistent with the government’s purpose in establishing a library.

Accordingly, this policy sets forth conditions for signature petitions and solicitation on SMFPL’s property to protect both the free exercise of individual rights and to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all citizens who visit SMFPL facilities.

This policy is content neutral and applies to all petitioning regardless of the candidate, organization, issue, or cause. The presence of petitioners on SMFPL property in no way constitutes SMFPL’s endorsement of a candidate, organization, issue, or cause. Petitioners must maintain at least 30ft from the building to not block the entrance.

Petitioners are NOT permitted to:

  • Block patron access to the library
  • Harass patrons in an effort to obtain signatures
  • Intimate that SMFPL endorses or supports their cause
  • Gather signatures inside the library

The presence of petitioners on library property does not confer the library’s approval endorsement, or support of the petitioner’s cause.

Solicitation for selling items, merchandise, tickets, or other for-profit activities is not permitted on SMFPL property.

Nonprofit fundraising activities are not permitted in SMFPL facilities or on SMFPL property when the purpose is to benefit a group or organization other than SMFPL, the Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library Foundation or Friends of the Library groups affiliated with SMFPL.

Persons who fail to comply with this policy will be asked to leave SMFPL premises and may be barred from the right to petition at SMFPL in the future.

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